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Dec. 27th, 2009


So Christmas was good. I got a 32 gig ipod touch FINALLY. And some great movies like Sex And The City, Half-blood Prince, and Star Trek. I got Breaking Dawn so I can start reading that in about a year. Lmfao I need to stop being so lazy about reading. Blehhh.
Anyways, I love my ipod. I've been playing with it constantly.
OK I have nothing else to say except that I feel gross for liking Chris Brown's last single, "Crawl"
I love it a whole lot... =/

"Everybody sees it's you.. I'm the one that lost the view. Everybody says we're through.. I hope you haven't said it too."

Dec. 23rd, 2009

sara gilbert!

uumggzz. so i love roseanne.. it's my favorite show, and i watch it every night. i follow sara gilbert on twitter too. the other night i tweeted her saying: "if @THEsaragilbert tweeted me, my life would be complete<3" and she responded saying.. well.. i don't wanna type it, so here's a picture

AND THENNNNN.. after that i told my mom about it, and she didn't believe me. she said "omg you believe that's really her?" she said it was a fake sara gilbert lmfao. so i tweeted saying "I told my mom about @THEsaragilbert tweeting me, and she thinks it's a sara gilbert imposter." then i went to sleep and i woke up today and saw this:


i love her so much :D
and now every time i watch roseanne i'll be like "omg i've spoken to darlene... kinda..."

:D :D :D

oh and on another topic
i've become obsessed with Utada Hikaru, a japanese pop star
she's incredible, and she's now like my asian britney

Nov. 30th, 2009


i haven't written in like 8 months. wowwww. lemme try and think what all has happened since then. um.. i went to see britney spears in concert on september 5th in greensboro. it was incredible, but i don't remember much about it because i was so starstruck. me and aj aren't friends anymore because of something horrible i did. i tried apologizing but he just ignored me. oh welllll. it's almost christmas, i'm so excited! i asked for an ipod, but i don't know if i'll get it. i haven't seen hope since like august or something. i miss her so much. she's busy alllll the time. i'm considering getting a job somewhere doing stock like third shift. i dunno. me and amanda went to cpcc last week about our ged's. we couldn't do anything because we both forgot our ID's. lmfao um ya i can't think of anything else that's happened. kthnxbai

Apr. 25th, 2009

Burning up

my house is 80 degreessssss. that's ridiculous. i'm sooooo hot. blehhhhh. i'm so stupid too, i just walked down to the store to get cigarettes in jeans, and a hoodie. ahahahahha i was like what the fuck, why am i dressed like this. god, i can't wait til winter. >.>


*sighhhh* i love judy garland.. i need a cigarette. i'm kinda sad because i went and read all my old LJ posts. depressing! all i did was complain. i guess nothing much has changed. i still complain all the time lol. yay chrissy made an lj! girl lives like 8 miles down the road, we need to chilllll.

people i miss after reading my old LJ posts:

sara reinecke
mae :(

that's about it

Apr. 24th, 2009


my neighbor's dog died. i'm really sad cause i love their dogs. the other one that's still alive is really old, so he won't last much longer either. i can't imagine how they feel.. i mean i would be devestated if my cat died, and theyve had that dog for 10 years. ok anyways.... moving on from sad things. i really like meg and dias new cd. i've never been a fan of theirs, but i like the new cd. and ciaras new cd is good. i had a dream last night that me and hope were robbers. we broke into these black peoples house and stole their darth vader mask and baseball cards. and then the son jumped in the window and was like, "I CALLED THE COP ON YO ASSES" that's the end. it was really funny. :) k i'm gonna go smoke.

OH Haaaaaayyy!

I'm so excited, I haven't been able to remember the password to this account in a longggg time, and I finally did. :) So now i don't have to use that new lame one. Still can't believe I'm 18. Whateva. I don't really have anything to write, I just wanted to update since I was so excited I remembered my password. I think I'm overusing the word I... or is that a letter? I mean I know it's a letter, but uh... I don't know. UGH I'M STILL DOING IT.
I'm supposed to hang out with AJ and Hope this weekend, so that should be funz. And then on Tuesday, I'm going to Molly's, which is greatttt, because I haven't been there since last yearrr. Like October. Damn.
I can't wait to get Resident Evil Fourrrrrrrrrr, it looks so funnnnnnnnn. Anyways. Bye. :)

touch is so magic to meee, strangest things can happennnn
love sex and magiccccxcxcxcxcxxcxcsdafasfgsdg


Aug. 6th, 2008


so i'm at my grandparents house while they're out of town. just because our air conditioning is still broken, and i can't fucking take it anymore. it better be fixed by the time i go back home! but yeah i've been watching nothing but the disney channel. the cheetah girls 2 sucks. dumbbb movieee. and the new one looks dumber. bollywood? leave bollywood to indians. not disney hoes. but i love hannah montana. and the wizards of waverly place! that ones muh favorite. and zack and cody. i miss lizzie mcguire! lol that movie sucked too though. and i've been listening to jonas brothers. basically i feel like a 10 year old girl. i lovez it too. hahahaha. the only thing i'm not happy with at the moment is both my sisters being here with me. i don't understand why my mom thinks i need them to babysit me. it's really annoying. especially since amanda's bitch of a boyfriend is here with her. and megan brought her annoying chihuahua that yaps all the time. i really hate that i'm not getting on the bus in a few days and going to northwest. i really took it for granted. and now i miss it so much. i don't want to be one of those people that go to cpcc. but oh wellllll.

ok, this boy is so sexy. i mean jesus. wooooo. i can't even stress it enough. just... mmm.

Aug. 1st, 2008


i haven't written in here since may. i had a panic attack sometime in june.. or maybe early july? i don't remember. but it was a while ago. and i was in the hospital for three days. it was horrible. but then i got better and the last few days ive felt alot better. but then tonight the anxiety came back for some reason. i just feel it all over, and it wont go away. i'm really just tired of feeling like i don't have anyone. i don't even feel like i have my family, because they all get on my goddamn nerves, so i don't talk to them. i never talk to hope. i never talk to aj. i miss krystal sooooooooo much. and i just wish things between us could just go back to how they were in 9th grade. that was so much fun. and now i'm so miserable. i feel like i like chrystina more than she ilkes me. and that's pretty much all i have. noone else, but those 4 people- and i feel like i'm losing them more and more every day. i'm just really way too emotional. i think about things way too much. but whatever.
i'm talking to someone i really like, but i can't say who it is, cause he's in the closettt. but he makes me feel alot better. maybe that's why i feel so bad tonight. i haven't talked to him but once today. and that was wayyyy earlier. ugh. lol. anyways. nothing much more to say.

May. 26th, 2008


today was the first day i've done yard work in.... years? well... let's just say physical labor in general. i'm patheticcc.

: )
every inch of my body is aching, and i'm covered in dirt- but for some reason, i'm in a good mood.

must be all that vitamin D from the sun that i haven't been exposed to since childhood. awh, that reminds me. i found a bunch of my old toys in our sandbox. a plastic horse, and batman.


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